[CLICK HERE TO VIEW] The Draper & Maynard Makerspace at Plymouth State University maintains a current facility layout in a browser-accessible 3D file. By clicking “Properties” and then on any piece of equipment, you will see a description and link to the equipment manufacturer’s information page.


Extraordinary first cuts made with the new Torchmate 4800 plasma table in the Draper & Maynard Makerspace. The plasma torch is used to cut materials, such as steel plate, up to 1″ in thickness. Using an electrical arc, compressed air is sent through to the tip where the atmosphere itself is ignited, creating plasma. Generating temperatures five times the heat of the surface of the sun,

The first CnC files were run for an external project partner on December 20th, 2019. This was the first job run on the new ShopBot PRSAlpha 9660, since its assembly was completed. Their mural, a pro-bono project for a school district, will be featured on this site soon.